Tooth Whitening - ONLY £400

cosmetic dentistry & Smile Makeovers

Besides more traditional cosmetic treatments like veneers and crowns we can now also offer less destructive options. Innovation in dentistry is progressing at a rapid rate! A whole new discipline in dentistry called Minimally Invasive Dentistry is now available at Garston Lodge. Treatments include;1. in house cosmetic orthodontic makeovers. Straightening the front teeth instead of expensive lengthy traditional treatments moving all the teeth including the back teeth. Now you can just move the visible front teeth to give you a beautiful smile!

Cosmetic build ups of mis shapen, overlapping, skew and discoloured front and side teeth. This treatment involves almost no tooth destruction as the cosmetic material is simply bonded on to the tooth structure. It's painless as teeth aren't drilled and it's quick too - you simply walk out after your appointment with a new smile! It sounds too good to be true - but even more importantly this treatment option is cheaper than traditional crowns and veneers as there is no laboratory fee so we can keep the charges lower.

Tooth whitening - we offer a whole range of whitening options to suit any pocket. As an added bonus to our patients we can offer Home Whitening for an amazing price of £199!!

Obviously, you'll need to have a full examination for your dentist to ascertain suitability and to discuss all your options.

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